Summerella Hits the Charts with "Do You Miss It"

The Life of a Social Media Phenom 


Summerella is celebrating her charted single “Do You Miss It” produced by Legendary Atlanta producer, Polow Da Don. With 3.4 million Instagram followers and a slew of Youtube subscribers, Summerella has a consumer base hungry for her content.


Fortunately, the R&B songstress took some time out to talk exclusively with Chay Rodriguez about the vibes in the studio during the recording process for her EP “First Day of Summer” and so much more. Watch the video above for our full convo and some insight from Polow Da Don!


Repping Zone 4 to the fullest


 Summerella admits to caring about all of the product she is releasing to her social media “family.” This family is a fan base she cultivated after giving up on a traditional career path after high school. Whether it is a comedic sketch, a music video, or her clothing line, Summerella is focused on always putting her best foot forward when it comes to entertaining her base.



The Recording Proceess


As for “Do You Miss It,” both Summerella and head of Zone 4, Polow Da Don, cited a few difficulties recording the track. With the song being one that Summerella did not pen herself, she found the key a little higher than her average range. Polow definitely felt the brunt of her frustration, recalling tears and push back during the recording process. However, after a little back and forth, and multiple takes the single is sitting securely on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop charts. A nice place to be as we wait for the follow-up hit: “Pretty B*tches in the Trap” (REMIX) featuring Gucci and Trouble. Comment below with your thoughts of the Mary J Blidge inspired track "Do You Miss It!"