30 DAYS OF THREADS A Twitter Engagement Strategy

How it all started...

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a Twitter post that was geared towards digital marketing and had actionable steps to building an aspect of your brand. What tweet that was I cannot really tell you. What I CAN say is, it held the hashtag #30DAYSOFTHREADS and when I clicked on it I realized that a few dozen people were posting actionable threads in regards to travel, cooking, branding, business, and tech for what looked like 30 days straight.

Now it didn't look like any rules were put forth. The only requirement was that you thread taught something, it could be long or short, but it needed to be information that you can pass off to better the reader. 

After a few weeks of eagerly awaiting the #30DAYSOFTHREAD tag from some of my new #blacktechtwitter faves, I realized that I too could contribute to this campaign. I have a degree in marketing and I currently handle a lot of internal marketing for the 3 campuses within Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine so I realized that this is where I can grow a lot of my business centered attention until I figure out how too incorporate content from more entreprenuers on my site.

I could just commit to tweeting once a day, something actionable to help someone else, and that could be a huge content goal from the month of January. And I have been doing pretty well so far. Keep reading to see a list of my Twitter threads so far. You can click on them for the actual threads! I was lit on Day 4 lol!

My Contribution to 30 Days of Threads

Day 1: 7 Steps You Need to Create a Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business 

Day 2: How to Get the Right Offer to Your Best Customer in 2020 

Day 3: How to Show Customers You Care in 2020

Day 4: 5 Package Insert Ideas to INCREASE Revenue & Customer Loyalty.

Day 5: How Your Candidate Did (or DID NOT) Qualify for the First Debate of 2020! 

Day 6: 1/4 ATTN E-COMM BUSINESSES: 4 Automated Email Campaigns You Should Create To Keep   Customers Coming Back-- Cart Abandonment Emails

Day 7: 2/4 ATTN E-COMM BUSINESSES: How to Create an Email Campaign for Repeat Customers

Day 8: How to Formulate Re-Engagement Emails

Day 9: How & Why You Should Show Product Recommendations to Your Patrons While They Shop

Day 10: Up Selling vs Cross Selling to Raise Your AOV

Day 11: How to Set Order Minimums, Create a Customer Loyalty Program, Run a Product Bundle Promo 

Day 12: How to Create Multi Channel Customer Support

Day 13: 5 Reasons WHY You Need to Rebrand

Day 14: Death to the Promo Tab: The Importance of Email Segmentations

Day 15: The Benefits of SMS Marketing 

Day 16: How to Create Your Brand Story 

Next up is my #30DaysofLives thread! 

I may put these some of these topics on YT too...